Llandrinio & District Recreation Institute held its Opening Ceremony on Thursday 10th November 1921 at 3.00pm with teas available. It was also billed as offering ‘A Grand Entertainment’ on the same evening and front row seats were being sold for 3/-.
And so began the long and colourful history of the Village Hall!

A further addition to the Institute was a Tennis Court which was officially opening on Whit Monday in 1929. Over the next decade the usage of the facilities was very varied with regular meetings for groups such as The Llandysilio Nursing Association, The Air Gun Club, Agricultural and First Aid Classes, Girls Friendly Society, Mothers Union, Billiards, The Womens Institute, Church Army Crusaders, Dances and Whist Drives.

The war years saw a great increase in the use of the institute. Army Cadets met regularly, a Youth Group was now in existence. In 1946 The Llandrinio Junior Football Team was set up.
The electric light bulb finally came to Llandrinio Village Institute in 1955. A period of major refurbishment was also undertaken during the mid fifties with the installation of mains water in 1955.

During the 1950’s the very popular Club nights were still continuing, with meetings for clubs including A Record Club, Billiards, Table Tennis, Society Evenings, Keep Fit Classes, Films, Dancing Classes, Darts, Air Gun Club, Debating, Dramatics and Handicrafts.
The well frequented Concerts were also being performed on a steady basis with outside groups hiring the hall to perform there – Kinnerly, Llanymynech and Guilsfield to name but a few.

By the beginning of the 1960’s the Institute was very much in demand. The British Legion began using it every Tuesday night. This led to the continued push for the
refurbishment programme. Further fundraising from house to house collections were agreed upon.

1964 saw the Institute being registered into the Register of Charities.
The beginning of the 1970’s met with the decision to re-build the Institute and eventually the official opening took place on 28th May 1073. The total cost exceded £8,500.
In 1978 land was purchased from Little Rhos which would soon become the Playing Field with official opening taking place in May 1979.

Much of what we recognise today regarding the Institute were formed and began early in the 1980’s. Some of the annual events such as the Fete, New Year’s Eve Dance, Children’s Christmas Party etc., still occur today.

1984 saw the conception of a local ‘Newsletter’ for distribution to every household in the local community. The publication was called The Bridge and is still produced at Llandrinio Village Hall every month and distributed free of charge.

Talks were begun regarding the new-build of the Institute in 1982, but it was not until 20th September 1986 that the ‘New-Look’ Institute was officially opened. The total cost this time was £55,729.61.

1993 led to the purchase of the land to the rear of the new village hall from Mr & Mrs Daulby which was to become the ‘new’ Sports and Playing Field. The rest of the 1990’s saw further changes and improvements to both the interior and exterior of the hall and surrounding area. Much community fundraising was embarked upon and it is with this in mind, that this website has been launched, to push the fact that, without the hardwork over the decades from all the peoples concerned, “Llandrinio would be far worse as a community had it not been for their dedication and foresight.”